Saturday, 12 January 2013

Earn Money or Load from every Email you send...

EARNMAILER Lets you put an ad on your outgoing emails so you earn everytime your friends and contacts open your emails or when they click on the ad.


All you need to do is to embed an ad on your email signature and all your outgoing emails can potentially earn CASH, LOAD and other Incentives

* You can put an embedded EARNmailer ad on all your existing email accounts e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.

* Once the EARNmailer ad is saved on your email signature, the EARNmailer ad will automatically be displayed in all your outgoing emails.

What is Earnmailer : provides an easy and fun way for internet users to monetize emails. All one needs to do is to embed an ad on the email signature so all outgoing emails will automatically display an ad. The ad contains a unique code so can track all ad clicks and impressions coming from a member's outgoing, forwarded and even re-forwarded emails.

With, email users can -

Embed the ad in multiple email accounts for more earning opportunities.
Set their preferences on ads they want to appear in their outgoing emails.
Easily track earnings and payment history online.

To start earning visit and sign up >>>

*You can exchange your earnings into load any network GLOBE, SMART, SUN.
If you want an example, then write your email in comments below. I will send you an email as an example.

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