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BizOppers - A Paid Social Networking Site

BizOppers launched in April 2011.  While still being new, it is developed and operated by the well respected founders of SWOM, also reviewed on our site.  They are calling it their sister site.  For those familiar with SWOM the layout and feel of BizOppers will be very familiar.  The primary difference between the two is BizOppers is a Multi-Tiered (MLM) monetary social network and SWOM is a NON-MLM monetary social network.
We find it interesting they decided to create a completely new site instead of merely adding the new features to their existing site.  All existing users of SWOM have been automatically imported into BizOppers and the user ID’s and passwords are the same.  We think due to the increased compensation structure most will eventually migrate to this new platform and SWOM usage will rapidly decline.
They have done a good job putting the site together for initial launch.  So far the best put together we’ve seen of any site on initial launch.  That’s a good sign for the long term prospects.  The features appear to be richer and more robust than you’ll find on BizOppers sister site.
Anyone may join the site and have a free user profile and use the social networking aspects of the site at no cost.  To become part of the income opportunity one must upgrade to Gold status for $29.95/mo.  Upon doing so they will be entered into a 3 x 10 forced matrix.  This means if you referred someone and they upgrade before you, they would be higher in the matrix than you. We like this system as it encourages those who refer people to upgrade and the forced matrix creates even distribution and spillover into ones downline from their upline.
BizOppers has 9 forms of compensation and a user can get paid anytime they want via Alertpay simply by submitting a request as long as there is a $25 min balance.  Unique to the paying social networks is they allow a user to leave their balance and have it pay their Gold membership if they so choose.  We wish more companies would do this.   BizOppers offers banner advertising to it’s members and a user may pay extra for this if they choose to advertise to the other users or they may pay for optional advertising out of their balance at a discounted ad rate.
BizOppers is promoting the overall payout of revenues to affiliates is 81%.   This is one of the higher overall payout rates.  However when you get into their compensation plan, which is confusing for the average user to figure out, we’ve calculated that only approximately 37% of revenues are paid into the matrix and the vast majority of the compensation goes into various bonus pools.  Thus most users won’t come close to receiving the overall payout, and the bulk will go to the few who understand their overall compensation plan.  Fortunately the matrix when filled out is still a fantastic income.  Those familiar with SWOM will instantly recognize the pools structures.  New users will need to take some time to read thoroughly through their well explained yet confusing compensation plan.
Similar to SWOM the pools have all sorts of rules and activity requirements, which creates a lot of task mastering to maximize ones income, which we don’t like.  We think this is a bit goofy and users time could be spent doing more productive things than accumulating points for activities or posting on users walls to attempt to earn a larger share of some bonus pool.
The biggest thing we dislike about the 3 x 10 forced matrix is a set of qualifications to receive commissions on all the levels.  To receive commissions an all ten levels a user must have personally referred a minimum of 10 Gold members.  For example, let’s say you referred 9 gold members, which qualifies you as a 3 star Gold member, and between your 9 referrals and spillover from your upline the entire 3×10 matrix get’s filled.  In this situation, even though the matrix is full, you would only recieve commissions on levels 1-5 because you didn’t qualify by personally referring 10 gold members.
Frankly our general opinion is why a lot of money is available to be made in BizOppers all the rules and qualifications one needs to achieve to receive money will diminish the compensation an average user makes.  Our only guess is it’s designed this way to reduce payouts to users not meeting all the requirements and instead it goes into the companies pocket while allowing them to boast about the overall payout rate.  While BizOppers is a decent program it would be much better if they eliminated most of the bonus pools, put the money into the matrix, and eliminated the recruiting requirements to get paid on all levels of the matrix.  If they did they’d have a home run.  As it is, this program is only ok in our opinion.
The company is based in the UK and users must be 18 or older to participate.
Join the site through this link:

Affiliate Compensation:

BizOppers compensation plan is comprised of 9 parts.
  1. $15 Fast Start Bonuses
  2. Ongoing Residual Personal Referral Bonuses
  3. Matching Fast Start Bonuses
  4. Matching Ongoing Residual Bonuses
  5. “Gold Evangelist” Bonus Pool
  6. Community Participation Bonuses
  7. 3×10 Forced Matrix Bonuses
  8. PowerPlay Pacesetter Bonuses
  9. Gaining visibility for your own opportunities
You receive (1) an Instant Referral Bonus of $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid the first month after they upgrade.  You will continue to receive
(2) Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses of $2.50 every month from the second month onwards for each of your personally referred Gold members as long as they remain Gold.
(3) & (4) The  Matching Fast Start Bonus and Matching Residual Bonuses are a bit confusing and we’re not sure we completely understand them.  Below is how their site explains it.
  • This bonus rewards leaders to help their personal referrals refer more people. It also rewards you for referring new leaders. For each of your personal referrals who becomes a Platinum Pacesetter, you get a Matching Bonus that is equivalent to their Fast Start Bonus for 32 weeks after referring them. Therefore it is well worth helping your referrals to refer others, as their success is your success.Bonus for personally referring someone who becomes a Platinum Pacesetter:
    Your status Rewards
    Gold Associate 25% matching bonus on Fast Start and Residual Personal Referral Bonuses for 32 weeks eg. You refer Jack, and Jack becomes a Platinum Pacesetter.
If Jack receives $400 in Fast Start and Residual Personal Referral Bonuses, you will receive $100 in commissions in addition to your normal pay check.
    Pacesetter 50% matching bonus on Fast Start and Residual Personal Referral Bonuses for 32 weeksIn the example above, you will receive $200 in commissions in addition to your normal pay check.
    Platinum Pacesetter 100% matching bonus on Fast Start and Residual Personal Referral Bonuses for 32 weeks In example above, you will receive a full $400 in commissions in addition to your normal pay check.
(5) BizOppers Gold Evangelist Bonus Pool pays 10% of company wide Gold memberships into a pool.  This means a user that refers no one could earn commissions by participating and encouraging others to upgrade.  Here’s how it works – You may connect with new or existing free members and you must send each of them at least one personal wall post message (not email) to help them upgrade to Gold. Your message must contain the word ‘Gold’ and must not contain any other links/URL For every member that subsequently upgrades within 30 days of your message, you will automatically receive 10 shares in the ‘Gold Evangelist’ Bonus Pool!  This bonus pool will pay out along with other commissions on or around the 10th of each month. The value of each share will depend on the number of Gold members company-wide and the number of shares issued during that month.  The site provides a running estimate as a guide only but the final value will depend on the above.  — We expect this bonus pool to create the same effect as seen on SWOM a flood of useless messages all containing the word “Gold” get posted on ever new members wall.  We think a users time could be spent more wisely and wish they’d just put this 10% into the matrix.
(6) The Community Participation Bonus is almost identical to SWOM’s.  15% of company-wide Gold membership commissions go into this bonus pool!  This program is based upon accumulating Community Points.  Biz Oppers has a list of activities that earn you points.  For example “like” someones post and get 1 point, receive a like from another user and get 2 points.  For a complete list see the BizOppers FAQ page.  You can earn a maximum of 200 community points per day.   Also, there are sometimes special competitions which will allow you to earn more.  On or around the 10th of each month, they add up the total number of community points earned by Gold members during the previous month. The amount you earn depends on how many points you have and the size of the bonus pool. The more community points you have, the bigger portion of the bonus pool you get!
7.  3 x 10 Forces Matrix -This is where the money is for the average user.  As a forced matrix this means no-one may have more than 3 users directly under them.  As an example say you refer two people and then someone in your upline refers someone new and they already have three users under them.  You would get spillover and that person would be the 3rd directly under you.   Then when you refer a 3rd that person would be placed under one of your 3 direct users.  We like this structure and only wish the payouts where higher.  Payment through all 10 levels here is approximately 37% of overall revenue.
Level Commission/Referral People Total Commission
L1 $2.00 3 6.00
L2 $2.75 9 24.75
L3 $1.25 27 33.75
L4 $1.00 81 81.00
L5 $0.50 243 121.50
L6 $0.50 729 364.50
L7 $0.50 2187 1,093.50
L8 $0.50 6561 3,280.50
L9 $0.50 19683 9,841.50
L10 $1.50 59049 88,573.50
There are recruiting qualifications to being paid on the matrix.  As a Gold member you are automatically considered a 1 star Gold member.  You are able to receive commissions only on levels 1-2, which could be spillover.  You become a 2 star Gold member when you refer your first Gold member, still only qualifying you for commissions on levels 1-2.  By referring 5 Gold members you become a 3 star Gold member and qualify for commissions on levels 1-5.  You must refer a minimum of 10 Gold members becoming a 4 start Gold member to earn commissions on all 10 levels of the matrix.
8.  PowerPlay Pacestter BonusesVery few users will ever qualify for this bonus that is designed for heavy hitters.  $1 from each Gold member revenue (Company-wide) goes into this pool.  For example if there are 20,000 Gold members then this pool is worth $20,000.  Anyone with 100 or more new Gold referrals that month qualifies for a share of this pool. The proportion is split proportionately.
For example, if there was $10,000 in the PowerPlay Pacesetter Bonus Pool, and this month:
  • Jack referred 200 new gold members
  • Mary referred 100 new gold members
  • Ken referred 100 new gold members
Then:  Jack would receive $5,000 and Mary and Ken would receive $2,500 each.
9. They claim the ability to advertise your other opportunities is a way to make money with BizOppers.  We think that’s a crock.  Yeah you’re able to post links to other opportunities you are involved with on your profile page, but so is everyone else that is part of BizOppers.   While you might recruit some users to your other opportunities through this avenue we really don’t think it should be counted as a 9th way to make money.

Example Earnings:

As the bonus pools are two complex to show an example listed below is what the 3 x 10 forced matrix pays. This is what we believe most users will earn from.
Level Commission/Referral People Total Commission
L1 $2.00 3 6.00
L2 $2.75 9 24.75
L3 $1.25 27 33.75
L4 $1.00 81 81.00
L5 $0.50 243 121.50
L6 $0.50 729 364.50
L7 $0.50 2187 1,093.50
L8 $0.50 6561 3,280.50
L9 $0.50 19683 9,841.50
L10 $1.50 59049 88,573.50


We like BizOppers much better than their sister site SWOM and think they did a great job implementing it.  If you’re part of SWOM we definitely think you should switch over.  BizOppers compensation plan is much better.   Most of the compensation plan is super confusing and all the bonus pools are hard to understand and calculate.  However we love the 3 x 10 forced matrix and wish they would eliminate the pools and put most of that money into the matrix.  If they did, they’d have a home run.  Also, note to get paid on all 10 levels in the matrix you must personally refer at least 10 Gold members.
At $29.95/mo it’s a bit expensive compared to the other paying social networks, however even though the bonus pools discourage us, one can make a lot of money merely off the matrix and therefore think it’s worth serious consideration.  Also the site is very well put together and relatively easy to use, another big plus.  This wouldn’t be our first choice but it’s towards the top.  As a second or third network it’s a definite, yes.
If you have a lot of extra time on your hands and like doing all the little task they require to get into the bonus pools then this is a definite as most will never do all the task necessary to get into the bonus pools.
Another reason we think a lot of users will like BizOppers is to promote other opportunities.  It’s one of the easiest social networking sites to connect with and meet other like minded people.  In fact, BizOppers encourages it.
Join the site through this link:


  • Founded by well recognized SWOM
  • 3 x 10 Forced Matrix compensation plan with spillover
  • Large initial user base (came from SWOM)
  • 9 forms of compensation
  • 81% overall payout to affiliates
  • User may request payment anytime ($25 min balance)
  • Free to have a profile and use the social network
  • Only upgraded paying subscribers are eligible for residual income
  • Best site to market other opportunities (it’s actually encouraged)


  • Expensive $29.95/mo – highest of the monetary networks
  • The compensation plan is complicated for the average user to fully understand, although it’s well explained on the site
  • Less than half the commissions are paid into the matrix, most goes into hard to calculate bonus pools
  • There are recruiting requirements to get paid on all ten levels of the matrix
  • User’s are encouraged to market other opportunities (can also be a positive)
  • Large portions of the compensation plan are based on site usage/participation

Other Factors:

  • Must be 18+ yrs old
  • Multi-Tiered MLM opportunity
  • Uses Alerpay
  • Based in the UK
Join the site through this link:

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