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People String - Paid social network site

People String is a monetary social network and web portal which shares 70% of all ad revenue with active users.  They are the Editors Choice for the Best Free Paying Social Network.  It’s free to join and has all the function of a traditional social network along with their patent pending Insta Portal feature.
People String compensates both free and premium members, which they call Entrepreneurs.  There are 5 ways to earn money at no cost to the users, and by using the site each day one can easily be able to make a few dollars a month.  No big deal, right?  Well, this is where it gets interesting.  If you refer someone and they sign up for a free account you get 10% of anything they earn.  So, if they earn a buck in the month you get 10 cents.  Again no big deal.   If they sign up people and so on, on levels 2 through 6 you get 3% on each level.  A HUGE deal.   For those who upgrade to Entrepreneur Memberships ($300 one time) the earnings increase to 20% on direct referrals and 6% on levels 2-6.
It’s important to understand the terminology on People String and to take the time to train yourself.  If you don’t you’ll be one that says it doesn’t work and only makes a few cents.  Their events calendar has plenty of great training available and we encourage users to take the time to learn all they can to maximize their earnings.
The 5 ways to earn money with People String are.
  1. People Points – Are earned based upon your usage and referrals to People String. The points are used to determine how to share advertising revenue with the users.  The end of each month the counter resets.  People String distributes 70% of its revenue to the users on a periodic basis as revenue is received. Typically every 4-6 weeks.  The more you use it the more you make!
  2. People Dollars – Sections of the site offer People Dollars and are marked accordingly. Take survey’s, demo products, play games, visit an advertisers site, etc. 100 People Dollars = $1 USD. Upon earning them they are converted and immediately shown in your Current Earnings and Transaction Details pages.
  3. Mailbox Cashbox – Take surveys and Opt in to receiving postal mail ads and receive cash for doing so.- Only good for those in the US & Canada at present
  4. People Shopping – Shop at any of the participating stores and receive rebates from the merchants into your account.
  5. People Products – Is a set of electronic products being offered to businesses-this is currently in beta testing.  There is a one time $300 lifetime payment required to participate in this portion.  When it is officially launched there will be an ongoing monthly fee to participate in this portion of the site.
The best way to make money with People String is to not only invite all your friends but you need to log into the site everyday and make sure and earn a few People Points and use the site.  The more the site is used the more ads display the more money can be made.
People String starts out agonizingly slow for everyone.  The only thing you can do wrong is give up.  If you join as a free member and only invite others to be free users, don’t expect to make much for at least the first 6 months of daily usage.  You will need to get approximately 1000 people in your down string before you will start to see much of any compensation from the ad sharing portion.  If you are an Entrepreneur and recruiting others to be Entrepreneurs you will start to realize returns much quicker.
Entrepreneur membership is a one time upgrade investment of $300 and comes with enhanced marketing tools.  For those who can’t afford the hefty entrance fee, you can still make a decent income as a free user and we’d encourage you to bring in free users until you have several hundred in your down string at which point upgrading becomes reasonable.
From want we have experienced to date, user in North America seem to get larger Ad revenue shares each month.  We can only guess that this is due to a larger number of advertisers in the US & Canada.  Thus if you do not live in North America, we would encourage you to focus your recruiting efforts there to maximize your income.  Note any new member regardless of where they are is good though.
People String only pays free users once a month and it isn’t on consistent date, which is frustrating to most.  It seems to happen between the first and second week of each month.  Entrepreneurs get paid twice a month.  You must have a minimum balance of $25 before they will send you money using Alertpay.  If you are in the US you can also select direct deposit to avoid Alerpay’s fees.
The only glaring negative we found is People Strings support is super slow to non-existent.  In the few inquiries we’ve sent them we either never got a response or it took days.  You most likely will have better luck using the forums on the site.
People String is based in NJ and went public in Jan 2011.  Their ticker symbol is PLPE and you can see all there financials on the SEC website.
Join the website through this link:

Affiliate Compensation:

Up to 70% of the revenues earned by PeopleString are distributed to its members. The percentage of earnings received by an individual varies monthly and is determined by both their status as a free or Entrepreneur member and the user’s usage of the site as compared to all other users. When money is earned, the transactions will appear in the back office of the individual user and be credited to current earnings. Once the current earnings reach $25.00, payments are made to free users once a month and paid users twice a month. Users must complete the appropriate tax forms (w-8 or w-9) and select a payment method in order to receive payment.
Free users receive a 10% referral commission on earnings of anyone they referred directly and 3% on levels 2-6.  Entrepreneur members receive 20% on direct referrals and 6% on levels 2-6

Example Earnings:

Example 1: Each user earns a very conservative $1/mo in advertising revenue and each user refers 6 free users.  This shows what you would earn if you were a free user and what you’d earn if you were an Entrepreneur.
Level People $1/mo/user ad share Free User Entrepreneur
Direct 6 $6 $0.60 $1.20
L 2 36 $36 $1.08 $2.16
L 3 216 $216 $6.48 $12.96
L 4 1296 $1,296 $38.88 $77.76
L 5 7776 $7,776 $233.28 $466.56
L 6 46656 $46,656 $1,399.68 $2,799.36
Total 55986 $55,986 $1,680.00/mo $3,360.00/mo
Example 2:  Each user earns $3/mo in advertising revenue and each user refers 6 free users.  This shows what you would earn if you were a free user and what you’d earn if you were an Entrepreneur.
Level People $3/mo/user ad share Free User Entrepreneur
Direct 6 $18.00 $1.80 $3.60
L 2 36 $108.00 $3.24 $6.48
L 3 216 $648.00 $19.44 $38.88
L 4 1296 $3,888.00 $116.64 $233.28
L 5 7776 $23,328.00 $699.84 $1,399.68
L 6 46656 $139,968.00 $4,199.04 $8,398.08
Total 55986 $167,958.00 $5,038.74/mo $10,077.48/mo


People String is a solid company and one of the older monetary social networks.  Since it’s free we think everyone should join.  To make money as a free user though, you and your down string will need to use the site regularly to make an income.  Many give up because it starts out amazingly slow.  You have to have patients if you want to build it as a free user.  Plan on it taking months and thousands of people before you will make any reasonable money from the ad sharing.  The best part, it’s free to join and make money so even those on a tight budget can do it.
For those who are serious, the Entrepreneur membership is the way to go.  Know if you go Entrepreneur you’ll need to refer other Entrepreneurs or your income will start very small just as it does for the free users.
 Join the website through this link:


  • Free users  get paid – Revue comes from Ads
  • 70% payout to affiliates of all company revenue
  • Pays through 6 levels of referrals
  • Been in operation over two years
  • The company is public PLPE in the USA
  • Registered with the SEC     SEC Filings
  • Has 5 ways to earn money at no cost to the user
  • An optional upgrade is a one time payment of $300. (not ongoing)


  • Starts out very slow.  Most users won’t make much for the a long time, unless they have a very large preexisting network to draw from.
  • Customer Support is virtually non-existent.   They are super slow to respond or don’t respond to inquiries at all.
  • The terminology is at first a bit confusing to most.  Make sure and read their FAQ or our in-depth review to understand how to make money with People String.
  • Much harder to earn money for those outside North America

Other Factors:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • It is a multi-tiered (MLM) opportunity
  • Usage based compensation.  To make money with People String you will need to be patient as you refer others and most importantly you and your down-line will need to use the site regularly.
  • Since the site pays it’s users based on sharing the advertising revenue it works best for those in the USA, Canada, & Australia at this time.  If you live outside these areas it still works, however there are less ads in other areas.  Therefore if you are outside North America, we recommend focusing on bringing in referrals in these areas.
  • Based in New Jersey
 Join the website through this link:

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