Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ISMmagic - A Paid Social Networking Site

ISMmagic, stands for Integrated Social & Marketing Magic.  It is a multi-tiered MLM monetary social network which is still in development and is not yet in pre-launch.   They have a 3 phase pre-launch starting in August 2011 through November 2011
All users may register for free and be entered into the 4×9 matrix and begin pre-building there team by refering others.  When the site launches all users will have the opportunity to upgrade in the order they joined.  There will be a one time compression of the structure to eliminate those who do not upgrade at that time.
We don’t know much about this company, or it’s backers, and for the moment there is no way to make money with it as it’s not a operational site yet.  So it cost nothing to register and be notified of updates as they come along and make your decision later.  The earlier you register the more likely you’ll have spillover being placed underneath you.
Join the website through this link:

Affiliate Compensation:

Referral Commission
  • $5 when referral upgrades (to Gold or Silver) for the 1st time.
  • $3 per month (inc. 1st month) they stay upgraded
Downline Commission
  • 4 x 9 forced matrix
  • $1 per month on all upgraded members in member’s downline levels 1 to 5
  • $0.50 per month on all upgraded members in member’s downline levels 6 to to 9
Activity Bonuses
  • Share of activity bonus pool, based on own activities
  • Share of downline activity bonus pool based on activities of Free members in member’s downline levels 1 to 9 of downline


Register for an account now, so that when it goes live you might have a team already built underneath you.
 Join the website through this link:


  • ISM Magic has not launched yet and is still in development-you may signup and invite others pre-building your team before official launch
  • 4×9 Forced Matrix


Other Factors:

  • MLM Moneteray Social Network
  • Based in the UK
 Join the website through this link:

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