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MLM Social - A Paid Social Networking Site

MLM Social started in early 2010 as a social network for those in the network marketing industry. In April 2011 they released the optional upgrade opportunity to earn an income from the site. Anyone 18yrs+ may join the site for free and connect with other like minded network marketers.
MLM Social offers a Multi-Tiered (MLM) opportunity for both free and upgraded members. Free members are paid reduced commissions through 2 levels of referrals on any referred upgraded members, and upgraded members receive full commissions through a generous 8 levels of referrals with unlimited width. We think the choice to offer commissions to free users is a mistake and ultimately think few will upgrade as most will join for free and then refer others in the hopes some will upgrade, thinking that once they earn enough off their referrals they’ll then upgrade. Unfortunately this line of thinking is pervasive and it creates a situation where almost everyone joins for free, few upgrade, and in the end hardly anyone makes any money.
Upgraded membership cost $19.95/mo or $199.95 if paid annually. This is about in the middle of the pack compared to what other networks are charging. Ultimately we think it’s a little high. The compensation plan pays out a total of 15% to free members and 55% of revenue to upgraded members. While this is better than a lot of the other paying social networks we still think it’s pretty low.  They use Alertpay to pay their users and unfortunately only pay once a month.
The site itself has some of the richest features of all the paying social networks. It’s relatively easy to navigate and figure out. They have an MLM Directory of other network marketing companies. While no directory will contain every opportunity it appears to be pretty extensive and our guess is, it’s the largest most up to date listing of MLM opportunities on the net.
They offer upgraded members the ability to place rotating advertising banners on the home page and other pages of the site at no extra cost. Considering the site has a fair amount of traffic and free users this might be a reason to consider upgrading, that is if you’re marketing another opportunity. Ultimately we think MLM Social will become one of the largest networks of network marketers with most of them being free users hawking their other chosen opportunity to other users.
The thing we like best about the site is the back office tools. They offer the most extensive set of tools and reports of any of the social networks that pay. A novice user will most likely be intimidated by all the options, however they are all quite useful. Power users will undoubtedly love all the tracking features and options.
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Affiliate Compensation:

Free Users: Earn commissions on any referred users who upgrade to being paid users on 2 levels of referrals Direct referrals earn 10% and level 2 referrals earn 5%
Upgraded Members: Earn through 8 levels of referrals 40% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 5% on level 3, and 1% each on levels 4-8.

Example Earnings:

We are only showing compensation examples for upgraded members. Check MLM Social’s site for more examples.
You are an upgraded member and refer 3 paying members who refer 3 through 8 levels of referrals.
Level People $19.95/mo Commission %
Direct 3 $59.85 $23.94 40
L2 9 $179.55 $8.98 5
L3 27 $538.65 $26.93 5
L4 81 $1,615.95 $16.16 1
L5 243 $4,847.85 $48.48 1
L6 729 $14,543.55 $145.44 1
L7 2,187 $43,630.65 $436.31 1
L8 6,561 $130,891.95 $1,308.92 1
Total 9,840 $196,308.00 $2,015.15/mo 55%


We definitely think you should join MLM Social as a free user at minimum. However we are mixed about whether you should become and upgraded member or not. While we like the site, as we mentioned in the review due to the 19.95/mo price and the fact they will pay free users through 2 levels of referrals, we think almost everyone will join for free hoping someone they refer will upgrade and if that happens then they will. Thus we think it’s a tough sell and most users won’t make any money.
So, if you are a network marketer MLM Social is a good place to connect with other like minded people to exchange and share ideas.
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  • Free to join and use the social network
  • Longevity, founded in early 2010 – The Opportunity to make money launched March 2011
  • Pays through 8 levels of referrals
  • Fantastic back office tools for affiliates to market MLM Social (best of all the networks)
  • Upgraded members receive banner rotated advertising on the site.
  • Extensive MLM directory of other opportunities


  • $19.95/mo fee for upgraded members – in the middle of the pack but more expensive than we like
  • Only 55% overall Payout
  • Pays only once a month
  • Free members can earn money too (review explains why we think this is a negative)

Other Factors:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Multi-Tiered MLM opportunity
  • Uses Alertpay
  • Based in Delaware
 Join the site through this link:

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